Season Colors


Winter weather may be harsh, but this seasons fashion is killer! There are more than enough lovely styles to choose from. Colors in the shades of charcoal, gray, granite, ice blue, ash brown, and the like work well with cool undertones. People with warm undertones also look great in winter shades, but in a darker hue. There is a stunning contrast of colors when worn with accessories that compliment your skin tone. A neutral look that is minimal in design will highlight your most flattering features; the eyes, and lips. Here’s a great look for any skin tone; A black wrap dress, neutral toned earrings in silver or gold, paired with red lips, and a smoky eye. Now that’s a look hot enough to melt the blistering frost of winter!


Let’s get into the spring of things! What better way to rejuvenate your style? Spring colors in the tones of soft pastel, lovely lavender, rose red, delicious plum, and off white will pulsate throughout fashion for the spring season. The sun is out, but not in full force, which is perfect for adding a little warmth to your look. Both cool and warm undertones do well this time of year. Cool undertones can embrace those lovely light pastels through accessorizing. Pink mixed with silver, coral tones, and indigo work well with cool undertones, while warmer complexions work well with earth tones of caramel brown, burnt cherry, and rich orange hues. Yes, spring is fun, and filled with colorful bliss!


Fall in love with fall color! It’s the most desirable time of year. The plethora of gorgeous browns gold, green, fire red, and smoldering browns will inspire all you fashionistas. People with warm undertones will gush over the variety of accessories that complement their skin tones. Jewelry in hazelnut brown, gold, and creams create a healthy vibrant glow. Cooler undertones have plenty of options too. Focus more on fashion with cool shades of grey, green, or even dark blue. Denim combined with any fall color is casual yet fun. Wrap yourself in color and push your fashion limit!


Now the highlight of summer; your skin! Yes, this time of year is working well for most skin tones. Citrus orange combined with a sun fire red, neon, and ash grey compliments warmer skin tones exceptionally well. The sun is in full blast, so cooler skin tones can embrace shades of white, in sheer fabrics as well as silk. For both undertones, try more electric shades of purple, yellow, or ruby. Creative clothing with creative silhouettes looks great with accessories in these colors. Dangle drop earring is ultra-sexy with off the shoulder blouses and cropped tops. Boho chic is a constant trend that has tran-seasonality. This style is casual and comes in a variety of colors mixed with eclectic paisley patterns. This style is great for most occasions that are outdoors and social. Have fun with summer and make any color your own!

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